Living Buddhism
in Retrospect and Prospect

— A Photographic Project —

The project was started with an exhibition held at the University of Edinburgh from the 12th September to early 2012, with related events, all part of the Knowledge Exchange programme.

The exhibition has now been moved to Aberdeen, where it will be on display at The Old Town House until the end of August; this incarnation of the project contains over twenty of Graham Harrison’s photographs from his journeys around Asia, along with a selection from Ian Astley’s portfolio of more recent images from Japan and Korea. For further information, including information on the venue, click here.

Photograph © Graham Harrison

Forthcoming Events

There are no further events planned at the moment apart from the exhibition in Aberdeen. We are, however, still working on a book to follow the various exhibitions.

The Background

Living Buddhism was an illustrated book and accompanying exhibition on the Buddhist religion. The British Museum published the book and hosted the exhibition in 1989. The photographs, the work of the renowned photographer Graham Harrison, grew partly out of a major exhibition of the Museum’s Buddhist artefacts in 1985, Buddhism: Art and Faith, curated by Wladimir Zwalf. Graham Harrison undertook two long journeys around Asia in 1984–5 and 1987, in addition to an earlier journey around Korea in 1983, to produce his photographic record of this major world religion. Andrew Powell, who accompanied Graham Harrison on the last of those journeys, provided the book’s evocative descriptions of Buddhism in the modern world. The collection has now been transferred to Edinburgh and the current exhibition and related events are a celebration of the revival of this important resource and the starting point of a long-term project which seeks to maintain and develop the impetus behind the original venture. This exhibition is not simply a display of the original photographs but also augments and complements them with recent work by Ian Astley, whose research has taken him to Japan, China and Korea since the 1980s.

Past Events

Living Buddhism will not stop here: the digitization of a fully representative sample of Graham Harrison’s work has already started (he took some 10,000 photographs during his travels through Asia). This is the first step in establishing a database which will be the foundation for an open-ended project with the aim of showing aspects of Buddhism in the modern world. In due course we will be issuing a call for portfolios to be incorporated into the project.

Further information

Watch this space for further events!

These events have been made possible through the co-operation of the Asia Department at the British Museum; with assistance towards transport costs from the Japan Society of Scotland; and, crucially, with a generous grant from the Knowledge Exchange programme of the University of Edinburgh. The University of Edinburgh has also contributed to the initial digitization of Graham Harrison's archive and to Ian Astley's recent trip to Tohoku, through an Innovation Grant. Thanks are due to all these people.

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